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Come Hungry...

Our onsite catering team is here to make sure your guests leave full!
All food (except desserts) must come from our inhouse caterer.

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Come Thirsty...

With a variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic options available your guests will find something they love, all within your budget.
All alcohol must come from onsite.

Alcohol Options

All Alcohol must come from Behind the Scenes Tap House, no outside alcohol is allowed.

Alcohol off of the Tap Wall

All guests wanting to drink at your event, off of the Tap Wall will have to present a valid ID and be issued a wrist band. At the end of the night they must return the wrist band so their bill can be created.

The Tap Wall is rotating and always changing, but will always have a variety of beers, wines, cocktails, ciders, and seltzers for your guests to choose from.


Package #1 – “Open Bar”

The host of the event will be responsible for paying for ALL guests drinks off of the Tap Wall.


Package #2 – “Limited Bar”

The host of the event agrees to pay up to a certain amount of each guest’s total bill, the guest will be responsible for the rest of the bill.


Package #3 – “Cash Bar”

 The host will not be paying for any of their guest’s drinks. At the end of the event the guest will be responsible for paying their entire bill. 


Package #4 - "Private Bar"

A private bar can be set up in the event center itself with a Behind the Scenes staff members bartending for your guests. This option keeps your guests from having to go into Behind the Scenes itself. You will work with Behind the Scenes to choose the beer, wine, and cocktail options that will be served from the bar. Your Private Bar can be set up to be an open, limited or cash bar.


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